A little about Bri..

Hey there! Thank you SO much for coming to check out all of my hard work! It means so much more than sugar, spice and everything nice, that you're here!

If you've been following my journey on Facebook, then you may know I've been in business for about 4 years now.

**I totally just had to triple check to make sure it REALLY has been that long- wow!!

In that time period of meeting new friends and families, we were busy in the background establishing our home land and growing our own little tribe!

Michigan is where we've planted our roots. Where we teach our three kiddos how to navigate by raising one hand (like you're wearing a mitten) and pointing out where we're adventuring to next.

The promise of season change and complimentary scenery that comes along with that is something we all adore about living in The Mitten State. And although I was brought up in the city- the country (& anywhere in nature) is where I find my peace.

I know all of the great local hot spots and hang outs along the shoreline of Lake Huron. Along with where to catch the best sunsets- kicking up dust on the winding back roads of the thumb of The Mit!

I purchased my first Canon gear over 15 years ago. Snapping portraits at school events and on family hiking vacations. Back then I was a young girl just trying to get through high school with a camera & a day dream.

Now I'm living my day dream. Capturing reality.

From families & kiddos (pets too!), through to engagements, weddings & boudoir, maternity & newborn. I truly love capturing all corners of life, especially when we get to enjoy the outdoors and all of the scenery together!

However, Michigan's weather is known to take opposite course whenever she pleases. So I do tend to get creative in-studio when it's not warm & sunny enough for those golden hour galleries we all adore.

So whatever your vision may be- for the biggest day of your life, sharing vows in-front of your most favorite people. Social profiles may need a new creative refresh. Or maybe it's just time to update the photos in your family frames. I'm just a quick email away. Let's get chatting! And I can't wait to see what we create!

Hear From Others!

Diamond Durecka

“I can not begin to explain how happy I am with not only all the pictures you took of my son Bryce, but also with you, Bri. You made this an incredible exsperiance. Your eye for pictures and capturing who he is...is a gift. He is my oldest and I feel blessed to have these pictures to look back on forever. I enjoyed my time with you also while you were taking the pictures! I feel as if not only did I find an amazing photographer but a new friend. Bryce, and our entire family love the pictures.”

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