All About YOU!

Whether you're celebrating the finale of high-school or tossing your caps with your OG dorm mates from college. We're setting some time aside to celebrate YOU!

Spunky, fun & full of energy? Cool, calm & collected? Outdoorsy or artsy? Sports, music or drama? Over stimulated?

Or- lets be real- all of the above?! Don't worry, I'm totally here for it!

Choose a location that's significant to you. Or we can play around in some of the neat areas I've found over the years. Prior to our time together- we'll chat about your wardrobe and any further details that you'd like to implement into your gallery.

During our meetup- we'll flow through some fun sequences to grab some natural looks & smiles. Along with some more traditional posing for any professional shots you may need down the road. No pressure though- we're just adventuring and having fun, while snapping along the way!

You found a treasure on your adventure!

Screenshot this portion of my page to receive $50 off of your senior session!

Thanks for being here! <3