Children & Milestone

An Adventure Awaits!

As a momma of three littles, I know just how well those posed shots work out in the end. You know- one has a finger up his nose, the other is half way through a sneeze- OH and there's the one with a smile! (I'm actually known to print those ones out for our personal Christmas cards, they're always a great family laugh lol).

So for those awesome natural smiles and big hearty belly laughs, I come fully prepared with all Disney & Pixar songs memorized. Now I'm no karaoke artist- so I often ask mom & dad to give us a bit of space so we don't blow any ear drums. All sillies aside, once kiddos find some comfortability with me- we venture off a few steps ahead and play with anything we can find!

The interesting holes in leafs that we can peek through to see fairy worlds. Or the log bridge over the creek that's leading us to Narnia. Elsa's singing 'Let it Go" off in the distance- can YOU hear her?! I swear I just seen Spiderman around that tree- let's go CHECK!

Capturing children in their element is simply what I love to do.